In 2005, Goldie Acres was purchased by Rick and Dusty Goldie.  What started out as vacant farm land, slowly transformed into a thriving farm operation as they built their barns and put up their fences with their own blood, sweat and tears.  The first business adventure on the farm was raising white-tailed deer.  In 2010, the Goldies raised 3 steers.  Since then, the farm has gone from 3 cows to 40.  We are grateful to all of our loyal customers who keep us busy and welcome new customers as well!


First Generation Family-Owned Business

My name is Dusty Goldie, the owner of Goldie Acres beef farm.  I have two children and three step-children.  I went to Blanchester schools and played football at West Liberty, WVA.  I finished my degree in education at Wilmington College and later got my masters degree and principal license.  I love spending time with family and friends, teaching and farming.


Goldie Acres is a 21 acre farm which includes our cattle barn, four cattle pens, a pond, a creek, and several fields. Currently we are growing hay. Some years we plant corn and soybeans. Rick and Pat Goldie live on the farm in their ranch house. Rick helps with the day-to-day operations while Pat amuses the grandkids so the work gets done.