How much does it cost?

The average hanging weight of a cow is 700 pounds. This does vary.  Beef is $5.10/pound.

What are the cows fed?

The cows are fed corn from a local farm with soybean based protein pellets, farm-raised hay, and grass. 

When do I pay?

Two to three weeks before delivery, the cows will be taken in to be processed.  At this time, we will contact you and let you know the hanging weight, your cost and the delivery date.

How do I order the cuts that I want?

After we call you with a final price and date of delivery, you will call Davidson's Meats in Waynesville, Ohio.  They will walk you through how to order the cuts that you want.  

Are growth hormones used on the cattle?

Absolutely NOT!!!

What type of cattle do we raise?

Beef cattle (holsteins upon request)

What can I expect to get when I order?

The butcher will call you and go over your preferences.  The meat will be vacuum sealed in package weights that you specify, labeled and freezer ready.